Step 3: Monitor Progress

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Monitor Progress & Fidelity of Implementation

This is the third step in the Roadmap—an overview of the three steps can be found here, with links to the resources for each step of the process.

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Step 3: Monitor Progress & Fidelity of Implementation

Step 3 Guidance Equity Plan Template

In the third and final step in the Texas Equitable Access Roadmap, districts finalize their Equity Plans. This tool walks districts through the process of identifying key benchmarks and establishing a process to track the progress of implementation of strategies identified in Step 2. Selecting Strategies. To do this, the team will create a progress monitoring plan. This plan has a simple yet important purpose: to let districts know if their Equitable Access Plans are being implemented as planned and are helping them achieve their equitable access goals (i.e., to close district equity gaps).

In this section, you will use the information generated from earlier activities, data review and analysis (Step 2), and selecting strategies to develop a progress monitoring plan so you can effectively evaluate and track progress toward equitable access. You will use the results from this process to reflect and improve your plan on an ongoing basis.

Step 3: Success Criteria

  • Conduct a detailed formative equity progress check multiple times throughout the year (at least three) with the progress monitoring team.
  • Use or develop a progress tracking sheet that indicates the equity gap and the benchmarks that are directly aligned to each strategy (see sample in Step 3 guidance document, Progress Monitoring Planning Template).
  • Communicate progress of the equity plan implementation to stakeholders to continue to keep them informed of the district’s commitment to achieving equity. This could include sharing updates in district and school newsletters, at school meetings and functions, and as an agenda item at PTA meetings.
  • Completes tab 3 of the Equity planning template.
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Step 3: Implementation Tasks

Task 1: Develop a progress monitoring plan

  • Use or develop a progress tracking sheet that indicates the equity gap and the benchmarks that are directly aligned to each strategy.

Task 2: Monitor progress and fidelity of implementation

  • Discuss in detail the following to guide the formative equity progress check during the progress monitoring team meeting:
    • How is the strategy supporting your goal to eliminate each identified gap?
    • Currently, is there a need to refine, improve, or adjust to ensure that implementation of each strategy will achieve the desired outcome?

Download Step 3 Task Resources Document