The Texas Equity Toolkit

The Texas Equity Toolkit has been designed to mirror a continuous improvement process with the hope that this structure allows for three things to occur:

  1. The equity planning process fits within a district's annual continuous improvement process
  2. The district's continuous improvement process results in increasing equitable access
  3. The districts already comfortable with the continuous improvement process can interact with the toolkit just in those places where it provides a benefit to them


  • For the 2023-24 school year, identified LEAs will be required to submit new equity plans. If an identified LEA had a past Equity Plan, the LEA should review their past plan locally, consider opportunities for revision, and implement the identified strategies accordingly using the updated Equity Plan template.
  • Equity Plan Template
  • The agency will notify an LEA based on the identification of significant gaps in student growth for low-income students and students of color, by December 2023. Only LEAs with equity gaps greater than 10 percent will receive a notification. If your LEA receives a notification, your LEA has equity gaps greater than 10 percent and your LEA will be required to submit an Equity plan to the agency in 2023-24.
  • Districts that are identified may be eligible for priority points in various funding/grant programs through TEA (GYO, Principal Residency Grants, Mentorship Allotment, Teacher Leadership grants, etc.) to provide further support in closing equity gaps.
  • The Texas Equity Toolkit website supports the creation of equity plans under this process. ESC Equity teams are able to provide training on the equity planning process to interested districts.
  • For further clarification on equity gap calculations download the Equity Gap Calculation document.
  • Equity Gap Calculation Document