Retaining Teachers

To ensure effective teachers do not leave the district or the profession, districts must identify strategies and supports that encourage teachers to continue their work. The resources listed below provide recommendations and strategies for retaining effective teachers.

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Teacher Vacancy Task Force Final Report, February 2023 The Teacher Vacancy Task Force (TVTF) was established in March 2022 by Governor Abbott to examine teacher retention and recruitment challenges across Texas. Through examining research and evidence, considering the perspectives of educators across the state, and continuous stakeholder input, the TVTF developed recommendations focused on support for teachers in the key areas of teacher compensation, training and support, and working conditions.

Effective Schools Framework The goal of the Effective Schools Framework (ESF) is to provide a clear vision for what districts and schools across the state do to ensure an excellent education for all Texas students. The framework, based on years of educational research of best practices, identifies 5 levers essential for successful school outcomes. At the core of effective schools is effective instruction: interactions between students, teachers, and content determine learning outcomes. This instructional core is strengthened and supported by strategic staffing, high-quality instructional materials and assessments, and positive school culture. Strong school leadership and careful planning encompass and ensure each of these levers.

10 Mentoring and Induction Challenges in Rural Schools and How to Address Them This brief outlines common challenges of mentoring and induction programs, and provides strategies and examples from the field specifically for rural schools.

Tools to Hone Your Teacher Retention Strategies This article by the Region 9 Comprehensive Center project with Chicago Public Schools highlights lessons and tools for states and other districts to consider as they contend with teacher retention during and post the pandemic.

The Ultimate Guide to Teacher Retention This guide will shed the light on the most challenging questions related to teacher recruitment and retention, will help you understand how to design more equitable recruitment and retention practices and systems, and figure out the initial steps that you can take to improve your district's processes.

9 Strategies for Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Diverse Teachers This infographic highlights strategies for recruiting, hiring, and retaining diverse teachers.