Step 2: Select Strategies

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Select Strategies and Plan for Implementation

This is the second step in the Roadmap—an overview of the three steps can be found here, with links to the resources for each step of the process.

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Step 2: Select Strategies and Plan for Implementation

Step 2 Guidance Equity Plan Template

The resources in Step 2: Select Strategies and Plan for Implementation will support district teams as they use the results of the data review and root cause analysis (Step 1) process to identify strategies that address district equitable access gaps. This tool guides districts through the process of developing and prioritizing strategies and activities most likely to address the root causes identified in Step 1.

In Step 1: Review Current Data and Conduct Root Cause Analysis (RCA), your district team worked with stakeholders to define the root causes of your district equity gaps and organize them into categories and focus areas. As a next step, districts need to think about strategies that may eliminate gaps in student access to excellent teachers by identifying actions that directly link to each category. Then, districts will begin to plan for the implementation of their selected strategies.

These strategies and supporting activities must:

  • Address systemic root causes,
  • Build institutional knowledge and leadership capacity to support strategies,
  • Be based on best practices or research
  • Align to the District Commitments in the Effective Schools Framework (Lever 1,2,5)
  • Be measurable (defined by data or metrics that can be analyzed),
  • Be viable in your district’s specific context, and
  • Have a single owner who is a district leader and who is ultimately responsible for implementation of the strategies.

Step 2: Success Criteria

  • Select strategies that are directly aligned to the root cause analysis.
  • Continue implementing strategies that were on track from previous Equity Plan.
  • Select strategies that are measurable, evidence-based, and aligned to the district commitments in Lever 1, 2, or 5 of the Effective Schools Framework.
  • Select benchmarks that are directly aligned to the selected strategies, viable within district’s specific context, and are measurable.
  • Share with stakeholders in your district, including teachers, parents/guardians, and students, the selected strategies to improve equitable outcomes to ensure stakeholder buy-in. These could take place during PTA meetings and staff meetings. You could also consider sending a letter to stakeholders to share the strategies and their intended outcomes to improve equitable outcomes.
  • Completes tab 2 of the Equity planning template.

Download Success Criteria Document

Step 2: Implementation Tasks

Task 1: Inventory Current Practice: Perform a high-level inventory of current programs and policies

Task 2: Review the Research: Scan recommended strategies related to each category of the root causes.

Task 3: Build Consensus: Select strategies that are aligned to root causes, evidence-based, measurable, and viable.

Download Step 2 Task Resource Documents