Training and Support from ESCs

ESC Equity teams are trained on the equity planning process in January and will be offering training to interested districts early spring. Part of this training will include conducting a root cause analysis, selecting strategies, planning for implementation, and monitoring implementation using a revised template.

Region 1: Edinburg

Region 2: Corpus Christi

Region 3: Victoria

Region 4: Houston

Region 5: Beaumont

Region 6: Huntsville

Region 7: Kilgore

Region 8: Mount Pleasant

Region 9: Wichita Falls

Region 10: Richardson

Region 11: Fort Worth

Region 12: Waco

Region 13: Austin

Region 14: Abilene

Region 15: San Angelo

Region 16: Amarillo

Region 17: Lubbock

Region 18: Midland

Region 19: El Paso

Region 20: San Antonio

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TET Contacts Map

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Statewide Lead for the ESSA Equity Plan: