Supporting Teachers

Districts must provide teachers high-quality training, mentoring, and supports to ensure effective teachers continue to perform well and have access to strategies to address new challenges. In addition, by supporting new, less experience teachers, districts build the skills and qualifications of their teacher pool. The resources listed below provide recommendations and strategies for supporting teachers.

 two teachers talking


Teacher Vacancy Task Force Final Report, February 2023 The Teacher Vacancy Task Force (TVTF) was established in March 2022 by Governor Abbott to examine teacher retention and recruitment challenges across Texas. Through examining research and evidence, considering the perspectives of educators across the state, and continuous stakeholder input, the TVTF developed recommendations focused on support for teachers in the key areas of teacher compensation, training and support, and working conditions.

Principal Residency Grant This grant program seeks to provide LEAs with an opportunity to increase the number of well-prepared, diverse instructional leaders by building sustainable leadership pipelines and growing quality principal residency programs.

Mentor Program Allotment House Bill 3 (HB 3), passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in June of 2019, amended statute that previously existed on new teacher mentoring and created the Mentor Program Allotment (MPA).

Texas Instructional Leadership TIL is a program through which ESC staff train and support campus and district leaders on their ability to build the capacity of educators that they manage. It consists of a suite of trainings intended to foster continuous improvement by helping campus and district administrators grow concrete instructionalleadership skills in the areas of observation and feedback, schoolwide culture routines, and data driven instruction.

Texas Lesson Study TXLS is inquiry-based, job-embedded professional development where teachers work collaboratively to develop, teach, and assess research-based lessons.